GENI-Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd.
Effects & Applications
  • Main Feature

    Geni DMX is the ideal DMX512 software for all Architectural applications or small/medium-sized projects. It manages all LED technology-based equipment and can control any type of standard DMXappliance. The software is the most user friendly and affordable solution for DMX lighting control.

    * Full RGB (W/A) Color + Dimmer management + 2D rendering 
    * Up to 5120 channels with several plugged interfaces 
    * Cross Fade time between programs and scenes 
    * Graphic and user friendly Live Board that can be operated by touch screen 
    * Colors, Dimmer, Speed, Black Out and Pause can bemanaged in Live mode 
    * Multiple Program triggers


  • Specifications

    * USB 2.0 to 512 DMX channels (2x512 In/Out version is available: “Led Player 1024”)
    * 128 DMX channels Stand Alone mode (Scene Trigger when powered, No cross fade, No Contact Triggers, optional I.R. Remote Control and power supply)
    * Pilot LED to indicate the actual DMX signal state and High voltage proof
    * DMX Output Speed Signal able to be configured for full DMX line compatibility
    * Strong Aluminium Housing that can be Wall Mounted or fix anywhere

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