GENI-Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Ltd.
OBY-5   (Competitive Technology in Action)
Effects & Applications
  • Main Feature

    “Do you have a Geni light?” Geni leads the pack with its aerodynamic equipment design. The OBY-5 is designed with a smooth polymer shell. Weighing only 26kg, making installation a snap; its attractive design also compliments any decor, placing the OBY-5 miles ahead of the competition.

    Smooth flash and light adjustment design
    High-speed, smooth strobe design with the random function enables the user to create simple strobe special effects; speedy light fade in and fade out go with the performances on the stage. The precise quiet diaphragm design makes 0~100% dimming more smooth.

  • Specifications

    Great effect variety
    • Two separated, 11-dichroic color + open wheels create moving colors as beautiful as a rainbow.
    • 9 fixed gobos + open and 6 rotating gobos + open are allocated on two different gobo wheels, and all gobos are easily changed. • A variety of glass gobos are available for clients’ choice.
    • Rotating 3-facet prism.
    • 12000°K and 3200°K color temperature correction filters.
    • 1-12fps fast flashing, and 0-100% linear dimmer.
    • Shutter and dimmer can function at the same time.
    • Iris linear adjustment. • Remote-controlled focus.
    • Remote-controlled lamp ON/OFF switch.
    • Smooth and silent revolving with a large range of 570 degrees in the X axis and 270 degrees in the Y axis; automatic electronic sensor to zero.
    Sophisticated appearance and structure design
    • Stylish, high impact-resistant polymer shell is lighter than any other of the same class on the market.
    • Solid square base is convenient to set on truss or to stand directly on the ground or stage for use.
    • Systematic modular-construction design of all inner function wheels and PCBs makes version updating and customization convenient.
    • Sophisticated optical system makes light output brighter and sharper.
    Simple and easy operation
    • Standard USITT DMX-512 protocol with 16 or 14 DMX channels.
    • High-torque stepper motors with smooth and precise micro-stepping control.
    • LED screen controls DMX coding and selection of built-in functions and also displays lamp’s time usage.
    • 180 degree reverse setting on display panel for convenient reading when fixture is hung upside-down.
    • Pan & Tilt can be set on initial DMX channels or on later channels.
    • LED DMX signal detector on control panel to detect DMX signal easily.

  • DMX Channel Control
  • Part Number
  • Housing Colors
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